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Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Our Mission

Our program provides an exceptional quality care to children fostering each child's intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic rich environment. Children are given choices and opportunities through stimulating activities to develop their creativity, independence and logical thinking skills in preparing them for lifelong success.

Our Vision

Our Goal is to nurture the uniqueness of every child by providing a foundation of developmentally age appropriate experiences through science, math, language, literacy, technology, and hands on activities for children to gain self-confidence in making real world connections.

Our Beliefs

When staff, parents, community members and children communicate with each other and respect each others feelings, it builds the foundation for continued positive experiences in the learning process.

We strongly believe:

  • Children will succeed if parents are involved in their child's education.
  • Curiosity is good because it enhances knowledge and leads to discovery.
  • A family/community works best when ideas and knowledge are shared.
  • A rich environment with positive interactions and praise among parents, staff and children to be life long learners.
  • When parents are regularly informed about their children's educational growth it establishes trust in staff and the school program.
  • When a bond is created between parents and staff, it promotes a relationship, it builds confidence on the program which allows parents and teachers to openly communicate.